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Rock Class Key Stage 4

Welcome to Rock Class

Our Class:

Rock Class is a KS4 class with a very busy and dedicated team, led by our teacher Beccy Daber. We work very closely with a range of professionals including Speech and Language Therapists, physiotherapists and Occupational therapists who support our students by setting them individualised targets that meet their specific needs. Rock class have developed close relationships with their peers and adults, and with the wider school community. They strive to try their very best in everything they do and as a team we are immensely proud of them.

Our curriculum:

The emphasis of the Key Stage 4 curriculum is to widen the range of experiences that the pupils receive and hence to broaden their learning. This is facilitated through a wide range of curriculum opportunities taught through a personalised learning program and ASDAN accredited modules. Where appropriate, we follow a modular approach to the National Curriculum allowing our learners to access all core subjects (Maths, English, PSHE and Physical Development). We work closely with outside agencies and parents/carers to set appropriate individualised IEP targets which focus on each individual’s needs. In Key Stage 4 a large part of our learning is focused on functional and life skills. This is an important area of learning for our students preparing them for adulthood. Independence is a key theme: we concentrate on looking after ourselves and others, cooking and food preparation, healthy living and work related learning. Links into the community are made wherever appropriate to each module, this also includes using community facilities.

Reading in KS4

Within KS4, the reading emphasis is on building on previous reading skills and applying them in functional ways.

This aspect of our curriculum offer is designed to encourage our students to  develop the skills & abilities to operate confidently, effectively & independently in selecting & using their acquired reading skills appropriately in order to function as effective citizens, benefiting from them in their life, learning & work. We develop our reading in different ways on a daily basis, whether it be working on pre-requisite skills by learning to identify environmental sounds or identifying social signs within the community. We enjoy using a range of texts including recipes, instructions and non-fiction books. We also explore a range of fiction texts to encourage our love of reading and books.

Our Environment:

Curnow consists of a wide variety of learning environments that provide quality spaces that enable our pupil’s to learn in a variety of ways. Key Stage 4 has a large outdoor area which includes a football field as well as various sensory opportunities. Many of our students have sensory processing issues and the equipment is designed to meet their proprioceptive and vestibular needs.

We have a garden area which allows us to grow some of the foods that we use in our cooking preparation modules. As well as areas designed for 1:1 learning we also have the hydro pool, a newly designed gym and teaching kitchens which facilitate our life skills modules.