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Pupil Progress and Data Headlines


What is Progress at Curnow School and how do we know what outstanding progress is?

At Curnow School we believe the progress that our pupils make is far more than just about data. Progress is individual and personalised from a pupils starting point; it is multi-faceted and can be demonstrated through five key areas.

We believe that progress can be measured effectively through the following areas: Curriculum, Personal Development, Wellbeing and Behaviour, EHCP Outcomes and Continued Professional Development.

It is paramount that as professionals, we understand and know each individual pupil and how they best learn. From this we can set accurate and informed baselines and be clear through sequenced learning of the next steps and where necessary, plan informed interventions to further support progress. (see document below)

We publish our data headlines each year to demonstrate the progress our pupils are making within their Education Health and Care plan targets and within the curriculum areas of Maths and English. We are also able to clearly show the progress our Pupil Premium pupils are making against Non-Pupil Premium pupils. 

We are 

Please see below for the latest data headline report