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Roles and Responsibilities - Site Manager (Mark Murray)

The site manager's main role is to ensure a safe, secure and clean environment for all the students and staff at Curnow School.

During the student arrival and departure times I manage the school car park to ensure the safety of our students, this is due to the small size of the car park and the large volume of vehicles.
I also manage and maintain the Water Skills pool to ensure that the water conditions are safe for the children to swim. I am the building manager and make sure that the school maintenance and repairs are carried out by either myself or contractors.

I maintain the school gardens and ensure the school playgrounds are safe & clean environments for the students to play in.

I am also the fire warden and ensure that the school's fire procedures are current and that the fire fighting and alarm equipment is tested regularly.

I manage the school's first aid policy, ensuring that we have enough fully trained staff on hand to deal with any First Aid issue that may arise. I also ensure that equipment is regularly checked and maintained and current to statutory standards.

The school fleet of vehicles is also my responsibility, making sure the fleet is in date for all inspections and servicing. I keep them clean and ready for use at all times during the school week.

I supervise the cleaning staff to ensure that the school is kept clean and tidy to the highest standards at all times.

Site Manager

Safeguarding/all sites – Health, safety and well-being (with Head Teacher) including statutory compliance management, accident/incident investigations, risk assessments and crisis planning

Member of Health, safety and well-being committee (led by Head Teacher)

Moving and Handling people co-ordinator

Team Teach trainer

First aid co-ordinator

School Fleet manager

Fire Control Officer (Management of systems in conjunction with Head Teacher)

Roles and responsibilities outlined within job description for both school sites in accordance with Health, safety and well-being policy document and associated policies of the school/MAT

Reports to Governors (as defined by SSEF)   
Picture 1 Mark Murray - Site Manager