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Roles and Responsibilities - Deputy Headteacher (Rob Armstrong)

Deputy Head Teacher (Head of Learning)

Succession Planning budget setting/school organisation with SBM and HT CPD/PM Target

Governors attend LGB meetings, continued contribution to Govs reports CPD/PM target

Deputy Safeguarding Lead (inc PREVENT) including deputy educational visits co-ordinator

All Pupil Data/Key information (Progress, Vulnerable groups, Year 7, IEP, Attendance, MT, HR)

Performance management lead AHT (CPD pupil data/SIMs) AHT

Assessment lead Curnow School and MAT development

Annual Reviews/ EHCP (Years 1, 2, 6, 8, 10 & 11)

Uniting Parents and Professionals FACE team lead & Parent Forum

Performance Management including HLTA of Class 6

CORE Curriculum co-ordinator (English inc AAC)

Trainee teacher co-ordinator inc student/volunteers

Reports to Governors (as defined by SSEF)

QoTQoL (Summer)

Moderation Lead (of evidence files) with AHTs

Sowenna coordinator (Illogan school inclusive learning)

Staff well-being team member

Bereavement co-ordinator