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Covid-19 Update - 31st December 2020

Covid-19 Update – 31st December 2020


Following the recent Government announcement and news reports, I wanted to provide an update on the arrangements for the beginning of the Spring Term 2021. The Government is clear that SEN schools should be open.  Therefore, all schools will open as planned on Monday 4th January.


It is important to highlight that Trust schools will continue to operate and ensure that the wellbeing , health and safety of pupils and staff remains the priority.  Trust schools will continue to review the offer for all pupils and offer flexibility as Cornwall has now been placed in Tier 3 and we do expect disruption during the next few weeks as infection rates potentially rise.


Further Government SEN guidance is expected tomorrow to support schools and explain in detail the testing requirements for pupils and staff. Testing kits and resources will be delivered to schools on 4th or 5th January.  As soon as we have received and interpreted the guidance and have planned our approach we will, of course, write to you again outlining details. 


To support the delivery of the Government testing requirements, I would like to inform you that all Trust schools will be closed to pupils on Friday 8th January for an additional Inset day.  This is advised by the Government to ensure that staff receive the necessary training and the logistics are in place to implement testing from the 11th January.


I would like to reiterate that we do not have all of the information and guidance at the moment. There is a lot of national information and communication messages which can be confusing and there is also a lot of misinformation. It is important that, if you have any questions, concerns or queries, you contact your school and the Headteacher will answer any questions and/or provide support.  Please follow the usual procedures to report to school if your child will be absent.  


Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and cooperation. 


May I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year.


Yours sincerely




Guy Chappell


The Special Partnership Trust