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Children’s Community Therapy Service
The Children’s Community Therapy Service is delivered from four therapy bases in Cornwall; Curnow School at The Hub, Doubletrees School, Nancealverne School and The Child Development Centre, Dolphin House.
The service provides Children’s Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Community Dietetics for children 0 - 16 (19 for children attending a special school).
The physiotherapist will assess your child’s movement abilities and plan a treatment programme suited to his/her needs, designed to encourage development and independence. They will show you, and others involved in your child’s care, how to carry out the exercises and activities, as your child will need to practice them regularly.
Occupational Therapy:
Occupational Therapy (OT) aims to support children and young people in getting the most from their lives and achieving their potential.
The OT will assess your child’s functional and sensory needs and will work with you and your family to enable your child to become as independent as possible. This is likely to include activities designed to increase range of movement, co- ordination and sensory awareness.
The OT will give advice on personal care, play, schoolwork, and leisure activities. Hand splints may be supplied for comfort and development of skills.
Specialist equipment to promote function and learning may be provided to help your child at school or home. This may include specialist seating.
Housing and school adaptations will be referred to the Occupational Therapists based in the Children, Young People & Families teams.
The Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist can recommend special equipment you may need (for example, a supportive chair) and refer your child for assessment for a special buggy or wheelchair.

Children's Community Dietician:
The Children's Community Dietician provides dietetic support to disabled children, their families and the professionals who work with them. Our focus is on children who are eating and/or drinking and who are at risk of under-nutrition. We do this by providing

• Open access sessions where you can get advice about common eating and drinking problems.

• Nutritional training and support for the teams who support and work with you.

• Assessment and advice for individual children who have significant nutritional difficulties affecting their growth.


Speech and Language Therapy:

NHS Speech and Language therapists (SALTs) will be in school each week to work with identified children and young people.

They provide assessment of the child / young person's communication level, in collaboration with parents, carers and the class team, and decide if further support is needed. SALTs work with key communication partners to help develop the child's communication skills.

They also provide assessment and advice for children and young people with physically or medically based eating and drinking / swallowing difficulties.

You can contact the SALTs via school

If you would like to contact us please write to:
Children’s Community Therapy Service,
Curnow Hub,
Curnow School,
Drump Road,
TR15 1LU 
Tel 01209 213927