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Roles and Responsibilities - Head Teacher (Gina Briggs)

Head Teacher (Head of Teaching)
Senior Safeguarding Officer including Safer Recruitment
Head of Strategy (Illogan, Curnow, Tregoweth)
Reports to Governors (as defined by SSEF)
Whole school curriculum and assessment (subject co-ordinator lead)
Health, safety and well-being co-ordinator
Performance Management lead co-ordinator (QoTQoL)
QoTQoL observations / Learning walks co-ordinator
Continuing Professional Development Manager
Governors, sub-committees and Strategy
Six monthly/EHC plans, Year 9 and Year 14 Reviews
Health, safety and well-being/Risk assessments inc SWIIPE
School Council
Learning assistant standards (with DHT)
Curnow School Association representative
Staffing/personnel with School Business Manager