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Curnow School Local Governing Body

The school’s mission statement is integral to our daily practice and one which we uphold with uncompromising rigour. Every individual in our community is valued and all success is celebrated.

Our vision for Curnow School is to remain exceptional and to provide wide-ranging opportunities for all, regardless of need. We aim to provide a consistently challenging and stimulating learning environment that not only engages our learners in developing their knowledge, skills and understanding but additionally recognises their interests and aspirations.

We commit to recruit, develop and retain inspiring staff of the highest calibre that, through their continuous drive for improvement and innovation, create an enriching and supportive environment for our learners.

As a Local Governing Body we are tasked with supporting the school in its strategic direction and development and firmly believe that by striving for excellence in all that we do, we can become the best we can be.

Governors' Profiles

Steve Colwill – Chair of Governors  (Community Governor)


Prior to my retirement in 2009 I held the position of Assistant Director of Children’s Services in Cornwall where I had responsibility for Special Education and Disability Services.

I was thrilled to be approached by Curnow School to become a Governor in 2010 as I remain firmly committed to ensuring that children with special needs in Cornwall continue to receive the standard of education they deserve.

I initially joined as a Community Governor and have held the position of Chair since 2011.

Joy Constable – Vice Chair of Governors (Parent Governor)


I became a Parent Governor in 2011 and Vice Chair in 2012.


I am lucky enough to have two children being educated at Curnow Lower School. Between us, my husband and I attend the school each day and are therefore always up to date with all aspects of school life.

It has been a pleasure to witness the integration which is occurring at the school and the planned opportunities which all the pupils will access through the rich and varied curriculum. 

Part of my role requires me to chair the Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare sub-committee alongside the Head Teacher. This work underpins my role as the identified Governor for Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Whistleblowing and Children in Care (CiC).  
Gina Briggs - Headteacher

I joined the teaching profession in 1980 and the teaching team at Curnow in 1997. I became the Deputy in 2007 and was thrilled to be appointed as Headteacher in 2013.

I am both supported and challenged by the Local Governing Body in all aspects of school life particularly in regards to evaluating how well our school is doing and the plans we have in place to develop even further.

I remain committed to ensuring the whole school team continues to provide an outstanding education for all learners at Curnow.
Linda Tyler (Community Governor)



My family returned to England in 2001 after living abroad for many years. My son became a Curnow student shortly afterwards, thus beginning a long affiliation with the school.  

I initially joined the Curnow School Association and from there I became a Sponsor Governor approximately 10 years ago. I currently have responsibility for Post 16 and off-site education (college provision). 

My involvement with the Curnow School Association is on-going.

Chris Gordon (Staff Governor)


During my teacher training, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a placement at Curnow School; during this time I was inspired by the staff’s dedication and their commitment to each and every learner in the school in helping them achieve their full potential. I was additionally inspired by how much the children enjoyed their time at school and their willingness and drive to learn and achieve.

In 2012 I was delighted to be able to start my teaching career at the school. I became teacher Governor in 2013; I relish this role as it provides an opportunity to ensure the key decisions being made will have a huge impact on our learners’ lives as they continue their educational journey through the school and beyond. Through this role I now fully realise the commitment each Governor needs in upholding their roles and responsibilities.    
Wendy Hattam (Community Governor)


I have been a Community Governor at Curnow School for many years and have experienced a lot of changes including the exciting move of our early years and primary aged children to the new build based at the Illogan school site.

I have responsibility for the School Council and I attend their meetings alongside the Headteacher which allows me to hear the views of the students at Curnow School and, more importantly, identify the way the school ensures their voice is always listened to.

I also attend Parents' Forum meetings to ensure their views are always considered.  

I have been an active member of the fundraising committee (Curnow School Association) since its formation and find it very rewarding raising money to provide the ‘extras’ for our students.   

I am very proud to be supporting the hard working team at Curnow which I witness each time I visit the school.

Tracey Parrock (Staff Governor)


In 2009 I had the opportunity to join a progressive and dynamic team at Curnow School as a supply Teacing Assistant.  I quickly saw a learning environment which inspired me to work towards obtaining a permanent position in the school.  In 2013 I was lucky enough to be offered the role of Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA).  I have the responsibility of running the Tregoweth Life Skills and Conference Centre, working collaboratively with our Assistant Head Teacher and Pool Academy staff in developing and promoting inclusive learning in inspirational surroundings.

I thrive on the challenge of helping our learners meet their key learning challenges, helping them prepare for their future.  I feel privileged to be part of an outstanding school both as a member of staff and as a Governor.

David Ekinsmyth (Community Governor)


Prior to my early retirement in 2001, I spent more than 30 years as tutor, lecturer and manager in Further Education Colleges.

In my final post as Principal of a Bristol College I became very interested and involved in supporting and developing the very strong special education section of the college. It was always my favourite area of the college.

I was therefore delighted to be asked to join Curnow School Local Governing Body.  I am also a Governor at Illogan School and can see that, through our joint mission statement of ‘Two Schools, One Community’ there will be great opportunities to maximize and strengthen the benefits of inclusive working for both schools.

I am currently a Cornwall Councillor and Parish Councillor for Illogan and remain an enthusiastic supporter of a high quality, supportive community based education provision.


Since 2010, the school has received an additional allowance over and above its budget to help address the lower levels of achievement experienced by children who are disadvantaged in some way. This is called the Pupil Premium (PP) and is in addition to main school funding.
As a school, we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our pupils. We recognise that everyone who comes into contact with children has a duty to safeguard and promote children's welfare
The Governors are delighted to present to you our Local/School offer; this offer aims to outline how we strive to support all children to enable them to achieve their full potential.
Whistleblowing is the term used when someone who works for an organisation raises a concern about a possible fraud, crime, danger or other serious risk that could threaten colleagues, the public, a vulnerable adult, child, young person or the organisation's own reputation.