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Class 6 - Lamorna


Welcome to Lamorna Class 


Our Class:

Lamorna is a multisensory needs class for students with high health and physical needs who benefit from a very special sensory curriculum. We have a dedicated staff team of two teachers: Rob Armstrong (Monday and Tuesday) and Emily Birch (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) as well as a fabulous and committed team of teaching assistants. We work very closely with The Hub (therapy teams) to make sure that physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy programmes are delivered and ensure that students feeding and health needs are met through working closely with the school nurse. We are committed as a team to ensure our students are safe, comfortable and fully engaged through stimulating and exciting learning activities across the school day.


Our Curriculum:

Our teaching is delivered through a multi-sensory based curriculum called the Victoria curriculum which is divided in to 8 domains; linked to all areas of the national curriculum. Alongside this, we use our own bespoke assessment methods, including 5 Individual Education Plan targets to ensure progress encompasses all areas of the young persons continued development (we work very closely with wider professionals and families when setting these targets to ensure they support appropriately and across all settings). Our curriculum is theme based and provides a wide range of stimulating and engaging activities for our students to be immersed in over the term and to allow a common theme to run through all their learning.

Communication, social interaction, responses to their environment and independence at an individual level forms a major part of the learning whilst ensuring all medical and health needs are always a priority and that everyone is having fun.


Learning Environment:

We have a range of different learning environments which provides the students with different experiences for their learning. We have our class base where the majority of the learning is delivered. In addition we have a therapy room where therapy sessions such as physiotherapy, intensive interaction and massage stories are delivered. We have a hydrotherapy pool which all students access once a week, a small library and different outside areas with accessible equipment that the students can be supported to use.

For our older students we look to link them with wider learning environments such as our school workshop, college links and Tregoweth life skills and conference centre. Our aim is for our students to enjoy learning and to prepare for life.