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Class 2 - Sennen

 Welcome to Sennen


Our Class:

Sennen class is made up of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils with a range of differing needs.  We are supported by a dedicated and reliable class team with Annabel Barsch being the class teacher, as well an experienced team of teaching assistants. The class team highly value relationships and work very closely and co-operatively alongside a range of professionals including a team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists, Dietician and Music Therapist.  We maintain strong links with these professionals who regularly review and set individual therapy programmes and carry out small group work or 1:1 focused sessions with pupils as required. 


Our Curriculum:

We follow topics from the Key Stage 1 programmes of study from the National Curriculum. We also have focus topics every couple of weeks that are interest led and support activities for our enhanced provision morning sessions. We learn our key skills, vocabulary and signs through these topics whilst extending and developing our knowledge through cross curricular areas. We maintain a similar approach to the EYFS setting by ensuring a multi-sensory, practical and hands on approach to learning which is challenging yet motivating for each of the pupils. Each of our activities are differentiated and assessed using targets from the appropriate  P levels and MSI phases. Targets are personalised to meet the individual needs and potential of all learners.  We strive to ensure a happy learning environment in which pupils feel secure and are able achieve their full potential. 


Learning Environment:

We love having the opportunity to work and play in a variety of learning environments which include our inviting classroom, enclosed balcony, our outside areas, sensory room, movement room, learning pod, teaching kitchen, water skills pool, library area and the school hall.  We are also fortunate to have a shared outside play area with Illogan School which provides many opportunities for integration and developing our social skills. We focus heavily on promoting Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural skills wherever possible throughout our school day. We really enjoy learning skills in our classroom environment and then taking, enhancing and generalising these in the wider environment and community. Most of all we recognise the importance of maintaining a fun, happy and nurturing environment which enables pupils to continue progressing through all areas of learning and life!