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Class 10 - Godrevy

Welcome to Godrevy

Our Faculty:

Post-16 is home to 19 students who are aged between 16 and 19 years.  The faculty is divided into 3 cohorts of learners:

- The Lions Learning, no worries

- The Sharks  -  The best of the best

- The Swans Gliding to victory                              

Life in Post-16 is destination led, which means; we aim to prepare each and every one of our students with the core understanding; skills and levels of independence needed for their journey into adulthood.  Our learners have a wide range of talents, skills, interests and needs – this enables us to personalise each student’s curriculum to enable them to aspire and achieve.


Our Curriculum:

In order to successfully and appropriately prepare our learners for adulthood, the Post-16 curriculum offer is split into 3 core areas.  Students spend two weeks studying each strand as part of a carousel timetable.

- Life and Independence Skills – Tregoweth (Lead by Tracey Parrock)

- Health, Well-Being and Personal Development  – Curnow Upper (Lead by Chris Gordon)

- Work Related Learning/Careers Education  – Curnow Upper (Lead by Neil Pellow-Firth)

Learning objectives and outcomes are targeted to meet student’s aspirations and their individual needs.  The vast majority of the curriculum focusses on developing and consolidating functional skills, which allow students to apply their understanding and skills in ‘real life’ situations.  Students engage with the wider community through a plethora of events and activities throughout the county.  Students are assessed at every stage of their journey towards adulthood and achieving greater independence.  By involving all of our students in this assessment progress in a functional fun and engaging manner, we ensure all students achieve their potential.


Learning Environment:

The Post-16 learning environment is diverse and wide ranging depending on which strand students are studying.  Activities and events are purposefully selected and designed to match the destination targets of our students.  See below for some examples of learning environments offered at Curnow Post-16 Faculty:

- Life and Independence Skills

Centred at Tregoweth Life Skills Centre and working in partnership with Pool Academy

- Health, Well-Being and Personal Development

The Dartmoor Jubilee Challenge; swimming at Carn Brea; Bowling at Chacewater and sailing on the Carrick Roads.

- Work Related Learning/Careers Education

Over 30 work placements/tasters offered as part of The Curnow Partnership in Redruth and running our business enterprise ‘CurnowCraft’ and selling our products at a range of shops and local events.


Qualification and Destination Data