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Curnow School Champions


At Curnow we consider we are all ‘champions’ of learning evidencing this in the classes we teach on a daily basis. We believe we always act as advocates for our learners upholding ‘pupil voice’ across the school to ensure we continue to be the best we can be.

To uphold /maintain this standard we recognise the need to continue to develop our skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure we always meet the needs of our learners and effectively support staff professional development. We additionally recognise the duty of care we have towards our staff and their well-being to ensure they are able to meet the demands of their roles/responsibilities in achieving the best outcomes for learners.

To secure what we aim to achieve we have identified through our School Improvement Plan the development of school based champions.

Through the establishment of such ‘champions’ we aim to:

  • Continue to support and meet the learning needs of all pupils at Curnow particularly in light of any new research/reports published nationally

  • Manage the professional developments needs of staff in relation to the changing needs types of learners identifying gaps in knowledge

  • Update colleagues professional development in accordance to local/national changes responding through whole school training requirements/ developments in an informed way

  • Enable all staff within the school to reflect upon their practice and identify ways this can improve

  • Support staff well-being needs in an informed way

  • Empower class teams through improved confidence in their management of pupils in the teaching/learning and assessment process securing effective provision across the school day

  • Help inform the induction process of the school

  • Continue to provide outstanding teaching and learning across the school meeting the needs of all cohorts of learners